Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Demonstration by Maria Antoniou Wildlife in Acrylic 2.5.18

A Demo with a difference Maria Antoniou came to Virginia Water Art Society to demonstrate Animals in acrylic, but her style of painting was something very different to what we have seen before and was a very pleasant surprise. Using a very large decorators brush Maria began with swathes of colour her reference was a photo she had taken of some ducks on water. Maria's technique was fascinating and she explained her thought process as she demonstrated which we enjoyed very much Thank You Maria    

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Demonstration by Mick McNicholas 4.4.18

Virginia Water Art Societies  monthly demonstrator for April was
 Mick McNicholas 
We were treated to a portrait demonstration using charcoal. Mick shared with the group his methods and approach to the task, we were very lucky to have a live model and Mick demonstrated how he uses the charcoal in a blocking in method concentrating on the light and dark areas first and gradually refining the details toward the end of the demonstration.  We really enjoyed the demonstration Thank you Mick